Step safe, L.l.c.
Puncture Guard®                         
"Making Your World a Safer Place to Walk " ®
An HT ceramic  textile insole protects  the       
entire surface of the sole of the foot.
A traditional steel-plate insole protects             
approx. 85% of the sole of the foot.
Disclaimer: This product has been tested and is in compliance with EN 12568:98, and with footwear norms S3 ISO EN20344/20345/20346,ANSI Z41, ASTM F-2413 and CSA Z195-02. The penetration by a nail point
through to the inside of the shoe up to approx. 340lbs. Step Safe, L.L.C.'s Puncture Guard Insoles help prevent injuries under normal walking conditions and are not guaranteed to prevent injuries from falling or
jumping onto sharp objects or from shooting nails, staples, bullets, ect., into this product. The more punctures that the insoles receive, the less puncture resistant they will be. Just like no ship is unsinkable, these
insoles at some point are penetrable. Patent Pending.                                                                                                                                        
Trademark & Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved
                             Puncture Guard® comes in two sizes.

To buy the 100SFP-SD that fit's men's boot/shoe sizes 6 - 13  and  Women's size's 5 - 11 click

To buy the 200SFP-LD that fit's men's boot/shoe sizes 13 1/2 - 16 click

Each pair of insoles come with a sized card & Instructions for trimming your New Insoles
The action in this video of stepping on a nail was done for demonstration, only to show you      
that the product works and is NOT just another shoe Insole. Step Safe, L.L.C., strongly                
suggests NOT to purposely step on any nails or any sharp objects.
100% Guaranteed
Secured and
tested daily
We are Proud to offer the World's First and Only "PUNCTURE GUARD"®. The "Newest Technology" is used in this removable puncture resistant
insole that meets and exceeds all CSA/ASTM Standards and are trim to fit to give you a 100% coverage. This coverage is needed to reduce the chances of
injury to the bottom of the foot by penetration of nails and other sharp objects. B
ecause of the increased flexibility of the protective material the insole contours
to your foot giving you the personalized custom fit which gives the comfort you need for all day use.
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